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WHPT Wednesdays: Searchlight 4 ✨

These searchlight platforms were built when Fort Worden was constructed as a working military installation. The searchlight was wheeled out from its housing via train tracks (that remain today!) to scan the sea for enemy vessels. 😰

Nowadays, Searchlight 4 is an absolutely fabulous viewpoint. You can see Whidbey Island, the San Juan Islands, and even Canada from the concrete platform jetting out over the straight. This is a magnificent backdrop for photo shoots, picnic dates, yoga stretching, and quiet introspection.

From up here, the water is crystal blue and crystal clear. You can watch river otter, sea lion, seal, and even whales play in the surf. You are eye-level with eagle. You are protected by forest and facing the sea, feeling the breeze. You are on top of the world. 🌊✨🐋


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