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✨WHPT WEDNESDAY: Ferry Edition 2.0 - Routes

So Port Townsend isn’t an island, and your trip here may involve a ferry… What will that trip look like anyway? We’ve been making our way to Port Townsend for 30 years and we’ve made it here just about every way possible!

Here is our insider-approved route from each direction:

⬆️ NORTH: The PT-Coupeville route rly deserves its own post, but this is the most convenient route. Unfortch, it gets tricky to guarantee your sailing during rough (esp. winter) weather so the next best option in that case is...

➡️ EAST / NE: Edmonds-Kingston is a no-fuss one-ferry route that takes you over the Hood Canal bridge. Continue straight off the bridge and take the exit for Center Road. Follow the signs into town, stop at @finnriver, and enjoy the view as you cruise into town via the Chimacum Valley and Port Hadlock.

➡️ EAST SOUND: The Seattle terminal is another gateway to the peninsula. Take the Bainbridge Island Ferry from downtown SEA and travel up through Poulsbo via Hwy 3 where you’ll connect with the Hood Canal bridge and follow the same route as above.

⬇️ SOUTH: Hwy 101 loops around the top of the OlyPen, so this gets confusing. The fastest route is up I5, into Hwy 101, connect with Hwy 20 and cruise into town. Take the scenic route on a dedicated day or as it’s own trip!

⬅️ WEST: All roads lead to Hwy 20! We recommend coming in on Center Road and avoiding Port Ludlow if you’re a leadfoot - they just dropped the speed limit to a max of 35! 🚨

Yeah — it’s a lot of info! That’s what we do: concierge-like service 💯% of the time. 🤵🏼‍♀️✨


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