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On the Water: Sail Port Townsend

Last week, we were fortunate to set sail on the Salish Sea with Captain Amber, the owner of Sail Port Townsend! Read on for more information about what you can expect on a Sail Port Townsend voyage, our insider tips, and a possible itinerary for your day on the water!

Our boat was named Best Day Ever, which was perfectly fitting given how lovely our sail was. Captain Amber is a sailing expert, marine biologist, and all-around fun human — which makes her a wonderful tour operator!

You’ll start your sail down at the Port Townsend Boat Haven, where Amber will give you a thorough tour of the boat and all its accoutrements along with a safety briefing. She has appointed her vessel with sailing-themed snacks (ahoy, Chips Ahoy!), special pockets for your cell phone, and even an emergency loo.

We had a terrific time making passes across the waterfront of downtown and learning about the ways that the cross-streets impact the wind on the water. The historic murals on our downtown buildings really pop from out there! We made a few tacks (that's sailor speak for "turn") and even dipped out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca for a stunning glimpse of both Point Hudson and Point Wilson in the glistening sun!

A smiling woman wearing life jacket standing on deck
Captain Amber, owner and operator of Sail Port Townsend

Captain Amber really loves to get her guests involved in the sail, and we were eager students! I learned about rigging and both my sister, Adrian, (who is also our Site Manager) and I took turns at the helm!

As always, here are our Insider Tips:

  • Wear sunscreen — but no sweat if you forget, Captain Amber’s got your back!

  • Pack along sunglasses & a hat

  • Bring along a charging bank — don’t forget the cord — esp. if you plan to take a lot of photos & videos!

  • Expect to participate in the sailing maneuvers & to learn a bit about the sport

Possible Itinerary:

Spend the day around the Port of Port Townsend

Booking + Additional Info:

Instagram: @sailporttownsend


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