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WHPT WEDNESDAYS: Ferry Edition ✨

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) maintains the largest fleet of passenger ferries in the country! Even though Port Townsend isn’t on an island, your trip here will likely involve a ferry!

Here’s what you should know before your first ferry ride:

⛴ The Port Townsend – Coupeville route is just shy of requiring reservations a.k.a. definitely make a reservation through the WSDOT website if you plan to take this route. (We’ll talk about routes another day)

⛴ Speaking of the WSDOT website, keep an eye on the ferry schedule! During the high season, lines are long in the middle of the day. Pack snacks!

⛴ Driving on a ferry is a unique experience. Follow the employees directions, and don’t worry if you’re parked on an incline! They will put blocks under your wheels and you can get out of your car...

⛴ Which you should totally do! Go upstairs and take a classic photo from the deck as a souvenir of your trip! Be on the lookout for wildlife of all kinds, the captain and crew will typically announce whale sightings. 🐋✨


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